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The Glascock County School System has one Pre-K through 12 school, the Glascock County Consolidated School, which serves approximately 630 students, and is located in Gibson, GA, approximately 50 miles west of Augusta.  GCSS focuses on improving student instruction by motivating students to learn, improving thinking and cognitive capabilities, and applying knowledge and reasoning with technology.  GCSS takes pride in the dedication of its faculty, staff, and students, and the ongoing support of parents and community members.  The commitment and enthusiasm of these stakeholders are truly the strengths of our school system.  Below are some of the system’s academic accomplishments from recent years.

  • GC School System was awarded the 2010 Distinguished District award for showing the greatest improvement in the state on standardized test scores for the school district with 2000 or less students category.  One of only four school systems in Georgia to receive this award.
  • The Glascock County School System had the highest 2011 Graduation Rate in the CSRA and ranked 29th of the 180 plus school districts in the State.
  • College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI) is the accountability instrument Georgia currently uses for school systems.  Below are the 2012 CCRPI scores for Glascock and surrounding counties:
District Elementary
School Score
School Score
School Score
District Average
State 83.4 81.4 72.6 79.1
Glascock 82.7 81.3 76.6 80.2
McDuffie 74.1 72 62.6 69.5
Warren 56.3 85 58.6 66.6
Washington 70.8 74.3 67.7 70.9
Jefferson 71.1 80.6 69.8 73.8
Richmond 66.1 65.5 63 64.9


  • 2013 Spring End of Course Test scores show that, of the 180 school systems in Georgia, our school system’s American Literature (11th grade English) scores were 1st in the state, our U. S. History EOCT scores were 7th in the state and our 9th Grade Literature scores were 18th in the state. Also recently released CRCT scores show that GCSS ranked 1st in the CSRA in Reading scores in 3rd, 5th, and 7th grades, and 1st in the CSRA in Math scores in 4th and 6th grades.  Most of our other standardized test scores were also very impressive.

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